The Blessed Fruit Foundation (BFF) is a Non-Governmental and purely Humanitarian Services Organisation founded by Prof. Sola Fosudo in 2008 and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Foundation was established basically to care for, protect and improve the quality of lives of widows, their children, orphans and other vulnerable children in the society.

All over the world, there are estimated 100 million widows living in poverty today. Millions of widows have been abused and millions have been ostracised and abandoned around the world, simply because they are widows. An unknown number of widows have been targeted for rape, torture and murder, others are forced into prostitution and re-marriage and many are victims of property theft, social isolation, physical and psychological abuse.

It is shocking but what is even more shocking is how few people are aware of this gross violation of Human Rights and yet decide to look the other way. We at Blessed Fruit Foundation have refused to look the other way. We have decided not to abandon the orphans, widows or their children and other less previledged people in the society.

Since inception, the Blessed Fruit Foundation has been carrying out several intervention programmes to her targeted beneficiaries and these programmes are categorized into departments, namely; Education and Counseling, Business and Economic Development, Rehabilitation and Health Care, Vocational Training and Skill Acquisition, Material Needs and Welfare.

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Millions of widows, children, orphans are somewhere waiting for your help. Donate today and keep their hopes alive.

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Join other kind minded good people in volunteering in various activities, events or programmes organized by BFF.

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Blessed Fruit Foundation has earned high ratings from Charity Navigator, the Nigerian Institute of Philanthropy and Charities Council.

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